Technical Sessions
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31st (Tue) 1st (Wed) 2nd (Thu) 3rd (Fri) 4th (Sat) Timetables (.pdf) Presentation List (.pdf)
S01-Fundamental and applied aspects of N2 coordination chemistry D/HA    
S02-Small molecule activation D/TA D/TA  
S03-Coordination chemistry for energy and environment D/SA2 D/SA2  
S04-Phosphorus(III) based ligands: coordination chemistry and catalysis A/C5  
S05-Polyoxometalate nanoarchitectures D/SA1 D/SA1  
S06-Frontiers in f-element coordination chemistry D/C8  
S07-Molecular catalysts for CO2 fixation/reduction D/MH  
S08-Molecular spintronics: role of coordination chemistry D/SH1 D/SH1  
S09-New aspects of photofunctional metal complexes D/C1  
S10-Recent advances in inorganic coordination compound-based magnetic systems A/SH1 D/SH1 A/SH1  
S11-Molecular machines D/E2 A/E2  
S12-Ionics for energy, environment, and advanced applications A/SA2 A/SA2  
S13-Bioorganometallic chemistry D/C7  
S14-Functional molecule-based magnets D/SH2  
S15-ICF symposium D/E4A  
S16-Bioinspired small molecule activation D/MH D/MH A/MH  
S17-Physical inorganic chemistry — from classic to frontier — D/E3A  
S18-Recent advances in the synthesis, reactivity and coordination chemistry of porphyrin compounds P/C5  
S19-Coordination asymmetry D/E2  
S20-Metal complexes: from components and concepts to devices D/E2  
Technical Sessions
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31st (Tue) 1st (Wed) 2nd (Thu) 3rd (Fri) 4th (Sat) Timetables (.pdf) Presentation List (.pdf)
S21-Recent advances in molecular conductors: 1-functionality (Tied with S29) D/C7 A/C7  
S22-MOFs as scaffolds for nanomaterials synthesis and encapsulation P/E1 A/E1 A/E1  
S23-Triggering assembly of supramolecular coordination compounds D/C4 A/C4  
S24-Photochemistry and photophysics of multimetallic and supramolecular coordination systems D/C1 A/C1  
S25-Coordination and organometallic complexes based on pincer and pincer-like ligands: fundamental reactivity and applications D/E4A  
S26-Metallo—supermolecules & metal containing polymers D/E3A  
S27-Coordination framework materials for microenvironmental applications D/E1 A/E1  
S28-Theoretical coordination chemistry D/C2  
S29-Recent advances in molecular conductors: 2-materials development (Tied with S21) D/C7 A/C7  
S30-Metal-oxo clusters: from purely inorganic entities to composite materials A/SA1 D/SA1 A/SA1  
S31-Breaking and forming O-O bonds using earth abundant transition metal A/C8 A/C8  
S32-The coordination chemistry of extractive metallurgy D/C5  
S33-Functional hybrid materials for catalytic energy conversion   D/HA A/HA D/HA  
S34-Electron-conductive/redox-active coordination polymers D/E3B D/E3B  
S35-Non-covalent interactions in functional coordination systems A/E3A D/E3A A/E3A  
S36-Rising stars in coordination chemistry D/C2 D/C2 A/C2  
S37-Coordination chemistry for the quantum revolution (CANCELLED!)
S38-Organometallic complexes for organic synthesis and polymerization A/EH1B D/EH1B A/EH1B  
S39-Coordination chemistry at the nanoscale: functional nanoparticles and nanosheets D/C6 A/C6  
S40-Modern EPR: a powerful tool for studies of metal complexes D/SH2  
Technical Sessions
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31st (Tue) 1st (Wed) 2nd (Thu) 3rd (Fri) 4th (Sat) Timetables (.pdf) Presentation List (.pdf)
S41-The Encapsulation Phenomenon: Coordination, Supramolecular and Covalent Cages and Capsules D/EH1B D/EH1B  
S42-Solid state reactivity and structural transformations A/E3B D/E3B  
S43-Chiral functional materials D/C8  
S44-Molecule-based magnetism: state of the art in muliti-stable magnetic compounds P/C8 A/C8  
S45-Metal mediated hydrogen production and activation inspired by Nature A/TA D/TA  
S46-The chemistry of weak interactions of interest to coordination chemists D/C6  
S47-Speciation in coordination chemistry D/C5  
S48-Organometallic chemistry and catalysis in water D/E4A  
S49-Catalytic valorization of carbon dioxide P/SA2 A/SA2  
S50-Rational design of multifunctional luminescent molecules and theirs applications to coordination chemistry D/C1 A/C1  
S51-2D inorganic materials and coordination chemistry: fundamental chemistry and emerging applications  D/C4  
S52-P as play: coordination chemistry of elemental phosphorus A/C5  
S53-Organometallics of new σ-ligands D/E4B A/E4B  
S54-Functional supramolecular materials D/E4B A/E4B  
S55-Transition metal complexes in cancer therapy D/E4A  
S56-Neutron scattering in the study of coordination compounds P/E4B  
S57-Crystallography for coordination chemistry D/SH2  
S58-JST Session: Coordination Chemistry for Structural Elucidation P/E1 A/E1 Program
S59-Coordination Chemistry for Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences D/C6 A/SH2  
S60-Genaral P/
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