S01縲Fundamental and applied aspects of N2 coordination chemistry

Professor Yoshiaki Nishibayashi, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Professor Hiroyuki Kawaguch, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Professor Michael Fryzuk, University of British Columbia, Canada
Professor Jonas Peters, California Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Sven Schneider, Gottingen University, Germany

Keywords of the session

dinitrogen activation, catalysis, ammonia synthesis, transition metal chemistry, ligand design, energy conversion

Scope of the session

This one day symposium will bring together researchers focusing on one of the most important problems in Chemistry and that is finding new ways to use molecular nitrogen as a feedstock. This is definitely a coordination chemistry problem since the N2 ligand must coordinate to one or more metals to be activated and functionalized. The current level of interest in N2 chemistry and the number of high impact papers that continue to be published make this a worthy symposium topic for the ICCC. Besides covering both stoichiometric and catalytic aspects of dinitrogen chemistry, we also will welcome theoretical/computational scientists to contribute. The connection to biological nitrogen fixation is also an important driver in N2 coordination chemistry; however, at this point we do not plan to invite researchers focused on Nitrogenase and its chemistry. In addition, we will ensure that there is a good mix of new young scientists as well as a diverse array of invited speakers.
Some likely invited speakers could be: Professor Connie Lu (U. Minnesota 窶・young female chemist); Professor Christine Thomas (Brandies Univ 窶・young female chemist); Dr. Andrew Ashley (Imperial College 窶・young male chemist); Professor Felix Tuczek (Univ Kiel, established chemist); Professor Patrick Holland (Yale University 窶・established chemist); Professor Yasuhiro Ohki (Nagoya University 窶・young male chemist); Professor Hiroyuki Kawaguchi (Tokyo Institute Tech 窶・established researcher); Professor Lawrence Sita (Maryland Univ. 窶・established chemist); Professor Paul Chirik (Princeton Univ. 窶・established chemist); Professor Richard Schrock (MIT 窶・established chemist); Professor Hideki Masuda (Nagoya Univ 窶・retired professor); Dr. Zhaomin Hou (RIKEN 窶・established chemist).