S58 JST Session: Coordination Chemistry for Structural Elucidation

Professor Makoto Fujita, University of Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Atsuo Ezaki, JST, Japan

Keywords of the session

Structure analysis, X-ray, NMR, Crystalline sponge method

Scope of the session

This session is formally an independent symposium of JST-ACCEL project led by Makoto Fujita (The University of Tokyo). The JST ACCEL program aims to set a path to the next phase, such as company R&D;, venture start-up and other public funding, based on the outputs of the Strategic Basic Research Programs (CREST, PRESTO, ERATO, etc.). The major results from the Fujita ACCEL project 窶廬nnovative Structure Analysis窶, as well as recent hot topics for structural elucidation, in which coordination chemistry takes important rolls. The program and abstracts are available from the following links.

   &nbspProgram;: http://fujitalab.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/_files/accel_etc/S58_ACCELSymposium_Program_02.pdf
   &nbspAbstracts;: http://fujitalab.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/_files/accel_etc/S58_ACCELSymposium_Abstract_03.pdf