S18 Recent advances in the synthesis, reactivity and coordination chemistry of porphyrin compounds

Professor Lechoslaw Latos-Grazynski, University of WrocナBw, Poland
Research Director CNRS Gerard Simonneaux, University of Rennes 1, France
Assistant Professor Hulin Tai, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, China
Emeritus Professor Mikio Nakamura, Toho University, Japan
Professor Saburo Neya, Chiba University, Japan

Keywords of the session

Magnetic Property, Reactivity, Coordination Chemistry, Porphyrins

Scope of the session

This session deals with the new coordination chemistry of porphyrin compounds. Porphyrin, distributed as the prosthetic group of hemoproteins, plays the essential roles in many vital processes. They are unsaturated tetrapyrrole macrocycles linked with four methylene bridges. Porphyrin attracted a large number of organic, inorganic, and biochemists because of its simple but beautiful molecular structure. A number of novel porphyrinoids have been recently synthesized. These include the enlarged, shrinked, core-modified, and heteroatom-containing derivatives. They expand to a considerable extent the spectroscopic and structural scopes originally observed in natural porphyrins.ツ Aromaticity and reactivity are the fundamental concepts in porphyrin chemistry. Multiple reviews covering the unrecognized aspects of the aromaticity in contracted and expanded porphyrins and their hetero-atom analogues are presently available. Likewise, many aspects of their novel metal coordination chemistry have been revealed. These subjects are one of the hot research topics in current organic and inorganic chemistry. In view of the continuing development of porphyrin coordination chemistry, it will be important to organize an international session by the active researchers to review, discuss, and exchange the academic information in a direct manner. Accordingly, we would like to organize the international session on the synthesis, reactivity, supramolecular chemistry, and organic and inorganic aspects of porphyrin and the related compounds. The session will be fruitful to the general investigators in coordination chemistry, and provide a valuable opportunity to stimulate many young graduate-students.