S06 Frontiers in f-element coordination chemistry

Professor Yasuchika Hasegawa, Hokkaido University, Japan
Professor Naoto Ishikawa, Osaka University, Japan
Professor Richard Layfield, University of Sussex, UK
Professor Yaofeng Chen, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China
Professor Marinella Mazzanti, Ecole polytechnique fテゥdテゥrale de Lausanne, Swiss
Professor Takashi Kajiwara, Nara Women’s University, Japan
Professor John Arnold, University of California, USA

Keywords of the session

Luminescence spectroscopy, molecular magnetism, organometallics, catalysis, small-molecule activation, supramolecular chemistry

Scope of the session

The primary aim of this session is to showcase the diversity found within lanthanide and actinide coordination chemistry, including applications in cutting-edge areas such as catalysis, photochemistry and photophysics, molecular magnetism and supramolecular chemistry. The organizing committee is composed of leading experts in the key research fields, covering the broader geographical areas in which f-element chemistry is actively researched, i.e. Asia (Japan and China), Europe (U.K. and Switzerland) and North America (USA). We propose a list of keynote and invited speakers based on scientific excellence, with due consideration to a spread of nationalities, gender and career stage. Our symposium will feature established superstars and emerging talent in f-element chemistry, and we will ensure that high-quality PhD students and postdoctoral scholars have opportunities to contribute lectures. Whilst focusing on coordination chemistry as the central discipline, our symposium will have a distinct multidisciplinary flavour to it, encompassing materials science, medical imaging, radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry and low-temperature physics, as well as the catalytic synthesis of organic compounds. Our aspiration for the symposium is that it will foster new collaborations that build on the foundations of f-element coordination chemistry, thus ensuring that the legacy of the ICCC 2018 in Sendai is preserved long after the conference has ended. The invited speakers and committee members will be invited to attend a symposium dinner, which will be sponsored by Prof. Layfield in his capacity as Associate Editor for the RSC journal Dalton Transactions.