S20縲Metal complexes: from components and concepts

Professor Masa-aki Haga, Chuo University, Japan
Professor Munetaka Akita, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Assistant Professor Yuya Tanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Professor Paul J. Low, University of Western Australia, Australia
Sir Edward Frankland BP Chair of Inorganic Chemistry Nicholas Long, Imperial College London, UK
Professor Shie-Ming Peng, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Professor Yu-Wu Zhong, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Keywords of the session

Functional Inorganic Materials, Molecular Electronics, Device Design

Scope of the session

As societal and technology needs develop and grow, there is increasing demand for designer materials and novel device concepts. Through careful molecular design it is possible to create new materials that allow the controlled manipulation of light, electronic charge and electron spin within not only test structures but increasingly within true device structures. This session will draw together researchers from across main group and transition metal chemistry communities to present and discuss the design and synthesis of such 窶smart窶 materials, and their application within device structures. This session will build on symposia held in the previous two ICCC events focused on molecular electronics, and now expand to include a more diverse array of device concepts that not only concerns the use of metal complexes as components in molecular electronics, but also 窶smart窶 functional materials with applications in electro-optical devices and display technology, magnetic materials for memory and spintronic applications, and designer 2-D materials. The session will make a strong effort to demonstrate not only the principles of synthesis and design, but also the applications of innovative inorganic complexes and coordination complex based materials in next generation device structures.