S46 The chemistry of weak interactions of interest to coordination chemists

Professor. Kiyoshi Fujisawa, Ibaraki University, Department of Chemistry, Japan
Professor. Kiyoshi Tsuge, University of Toyama, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Japan
Professor Edward R.T. Tiekink, Sunway University, Malaysia
Professor. David J. Young, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Assistant Professor. Siti Nadiah binti Abdul Halim, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Associate Professor. Jack Clegg, University of Queensland, Australia
Assistant Professor Kittipong Chainok, Thammasat University, Tahiland

Keywords of the session

Molecular conductor, Magnetism, Dielectric property, Field effect, Photo-induced phenomena, Theory

Scope of the session

Weak intra- and inter-molecular interactions are crucial in all facets of chemistry, including coordination chemistry. These may be responsible for certain catalytic behaviour, stabilize reactive species and give rise to important spectroscopic/diagnostic events. In the realm of supramolecular chemistry, weak intermolecular interactions are the mainstay of molecular recognition events and supramolecular assembly in the condensed phase. In recognition of the importance of weak interactions in coordination chemistry, it is proposed to organise a full-day symposium broadly divided amongst two key themes: i) the importance of such interactions in chemical processes, e.g. catalysis, and ii) delineating weak intermolecular interactions of importance to the coordination chemistry community in terms of relevance to supramolecular chemistry. It is expected that this symposium will draw together researchers in the field of weak interactions drawn from practitioners and theoreticians in both aspects to be covered.