S36 Rising stars in coordination chemistry

Assistant Professor Yoko Sakata, Kanazawa University, Japan
Assistant Professor Tetsuro Kusamoto, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Senior Lecturer Nobuto Yoshinari, Osaka University, Japan
Assistant Professor Akitaka Ito, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
Assistant Professor Ryo Ohtani, Kumamoto University, Japan
Associate Professor Wei-Xiong ZHANG, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Assistant Professor Kenneth Hanson, Florida State University, USA
Assistant Professor Dawid Pinkowicz, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Assistant Professor Tsai-Te Lu, Chung Yuan Christian University (from Aug. 1. 2017, National Tsing Hua University)

Special Agenda for this Symposium (Click here to check the PDF File!)

Keywords of the session

Rising Star, International Network, Synthesis, Structure, Property

Scope of the session

In this session, young rising stars (around 35 years old or less) in a field of coordination chemistry will highlight their cutting-edge researches. The session will cover broad areas of chemistry based on coordination chemistry. Thorough discussions and active interactions between the participants from a variety of the research fields and countries will open the door to bring new and novel ideas/insights, and future collaborations. The session will be held over 2 days: one day talked by Ph.D. researchers and another day by Ph.D. candidates. We hope young students and researchers participate in our session to learn frontier researches in coordination chemistry, to broaden their perspectives, and to get involved in forming young researchers‘ network.