S29 Recent Advances in Molecular Conductors: Materials Development

Professor Jun-ichi Yamada, University of Hyogo, Japan
Professor Takehiko Mori, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Professor Yohji Misaki, Ehime Unversity, Japan
Professor Hiroyuki Nishikawa, Ibaraki University, Japan
Director of Research Narcis Avarvari, University of Angers, France
Program Director John Schlueter, National Science Foundation, USA
Senior Lecturer Lee Martin, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Keywords of the session

Molecular Conductor, Magnetic Conductor, Organic Thin Film Device, Dielectric Material, Organic Battery

Scope of the session

Our session entitled 窶彝ecent Advances in Molecular Conductors: Materials Development窶 is coupled with 窶彝ecent Advances in Molecular Conductors: Functionality窶 organized by Dr. Reizo Kato (RIKEN) et al., so we sincerely hope that these sessions will be held in a consecutive manner. Our session aims to bring together chemists investigating the development of new molecular materials, such as organic charge-transfer salts and metal complexes, with exciting physical properties. To build on recent advances in constructing organic functional materials, material systems of interest include molecular-based magnetic conductors, semiconductors for thin film devices such as field-effect transistors and photovoltaic cells, dielectric compounds, and redox compounds for rechargeable batteries. The session will provide great opportunity for device engineers and physicists as well as organic, physical, and materials chemists to meet and discuss ideas, solutions, and future issues relating to the scientific study and technical implementation of organic functional materials.