S41 The Encapsulation Phenomenon: Coordination, Supramolecular and Covalent Cages and Capsules

Group Leader/Manager Pablo Ballester, ICIQ Institut Catala D’lnvestigacio Quimica, Spain
Associate Professor. Michito Yoshizawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Professor Valerie Heitz, Universitテゥ de Strasbourg, France
Professor Shigehisa Akine, Kanazawa University, Japan
Professor Dillip Kumar Chand, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Professor Yan Z. Voloshin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Keywords of the session

self-assembly, molecular cage, confined cavity, intermolecular interaction

Scope of the session

This symposium will focus on new chemistry in the 窶彡onfined spaces窶 constructed of molecules and molecular assemblies. In recent years, the synthetic methodology of molecular cages and capsules has undergone an explosive development by using a wide range of intermolecular interactions and chemical bonds. Coordination chemistry has made an outstanding contribution to this development, and a variety of new fascinating structures have been prepared by coordination bonds and its combination with other interactions. Depending on the size and shape of the molecular cages, the confined cavities display unusual chemical properties and reactivities, which cannot be found in other media. Therefore, further exploration of such molecular confinement effects will create new chemistry related not only to coordination chemistry, but also inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials chemistry, physical chemistry, surface chemistry, bio-inspired chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry. This symposium will provide participants with opportunities for highlighting recent hot topics in this field, discussing research details, exploring potential scientific cooperation, and making enduring and valuable personal connections among active chemists.