S43 Chiral functional materials

Professor Takahisa Arima, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Researcher Director Javier Campo, Materials Science Institute of Aragテウn, Spain
Professor Katsuya Inoue, Hiroshima University, Japan
Professor Dominique Luneau, Univ. Lyon, France
Researcher Director Jean-Pascal Sutter, CNRS / Coordination Chemistry Laboratory – Toulouse, France

Keywords of the session

Chiral magnets, Chiral optically active materials, Chiral conductors, Multiferroic materials

Scope of the session

The session is devoted to coordination materials built as chiral to induce magnetic, electric and optical chiral phenomena. The concept of this session is to bring about a discussion on the construction of chiral materials by the tool of coordination chemistry; how to induce the chirality on the metal centers, and how the “chemical” chirality can induce the chirality of physical phenomena.