S07 Molecular catalysts for CO2 fixation/reduction

Associate Professor Hitoshi Ishida, Kitasato University, Japan
Assistant professor Hiroyuki Takeda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Assistant Professor Charles Machan, University of Virginia, USA
Senior Chemist Etsuko Fujita, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
University Reader/Professor Erwin Reisner, University of Cambridge, UK
Associate Professor Ho-Jin Son, Korea University, South Korea

Keywords of the session

CO2 Reduction; CO2 Fixation; Artificial Photosynthsis; Electrochemistry; Photochemistry

Scope of the session

The conversion of CO2 into useful chemicals is attracting much attention in relation to energy and environmental problems. In this session, the recent development of molecular catalysts for CO2 reduction/fixation will be reviewed. The catalysts include metal complexes, organometallic catalysts, supramolecular catalysts, metal organic frameworks, heterogeneous catalysts modified with metal complexes, and bio-inorganic catalysts. The catalysis involves organic reactions, electrochemical and photochemical reactions, and enzymatic reactions. The combination of catalytic systems with energy and electron supplying systems toward achieving artificial photosynthesis is also included.